To whom it may concern: For piece of mind my wife Cindy and I decided to investigate the purchase of a standby generator for our home. This type of project can be more complicated than one might realize. So many questions, what size generator? Will we need a new gas line or gas meter? What is a reliable brand? You get the picture. The first person we thought to call upon for guidance and installation was our friend Bill, owner and operator of Baker Electrical Services. 
​Bill and I have been friends for over 43 years. When I initially contacted Bill I informed him that we did not contact him because we expected any special deals based on our friend ship we just wanted a good electrician and a person/company familiar with generator installation. In hindsight that was a lie. We knew if we hired him he would give us a deal because we know Bill.
We knew that he would be up front with ALL the cost involved, honesty and no surprises = Deal!!!
​ We knew that he possessed the skill and expertise to assist us in determining exactly what we needed = Deal We were already familiar with the quality of his work and I can tell you that it borders obsessive compulsive, again = Deal We know that he stands by his work = Deal He may be our good friend but he is every ones BIG DEAL!                                                                                                  Eric and Cindy von Lienen